Terri's Canal Art


Date(s) 2020Location
April 19thBursledon Brickworks Museum
May 2ndDownton Cuckoo Fair
May 23rdTotton Arts Festival
May 31stSolent Gardeners' Fayre, University Sports Ground, Eastleigh
June 28thSutton Poyntz Victorian Fair
July 4thRowlands Castle Village Fair
July 19thKingsley Steam Rally
August 31stVerwood Rustic Fayre
September 27thBursledon Brickworks Museum
October 24-25thLancing College
November 7-8thFort Purbrook
November 29thBursledon Brickworks Museum

About My Work

An ever changing catalogue of traditionally decorated giftware means that only a small sample can be shown here.

Often I will produce a few or maybe only one of an item.

Although there will be items such as jugs and flowerpots available these will vary in type and prices.

Email me with your request at info@terriscanalart.co.uk and see what is available. Prices start as low as £4 + postage for small items such as thimble or miniature jugs.

Alternatively, for an individual touch, commission a special article decorated to your specification. You can even supply your own item - ask for a quote.

If you own a boat I can decorate items or door panels to your individual requirements